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Yongjun LIN

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National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement

Research Interest:

Exploring new appraoches and technologies for rice transformation.

Transgenic breeding including inrect resistance rice, herbicide resistance rice, high photosynthetic efficiency rice.

Our group devote to improving important agronomical traits of rice including insect-resistance, herbicide resistance, nutritional quality, and high efficiency of photosynthesis mainly by using genetic manipulation strategies and developing new transformation technologies and approaches. The Bt rice Huahui No.1 and Bt Shanyou 63 developed by our group have acquired safety certificate from Chinese government, which are the only two rice events obtained the safety certification in China so far. Other important Bt rice events such as T1C-19, T2A-1, and RJ-5 are also under the evaluation and are going to apply for safety certification. In our recently work, several novel green tissue-specific synthetic promoters, cis-regulatory elements (Wang at al., 2015), and bidirectional promoters (Wang et al., 2016) were identified and characterized, which are expected to have high applicability in genetic engineering.

Statement of qualifications and career:

2016. 07                      Special government allowances rewards, china

2004-present               Professor

                                    Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

2001-2004                  Associate professor

                                    Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

1998-2001                  Associate professor

                                    Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, China

1997-2001                  PhD. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

                                   Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China  

1990-1997                  Lecturer

                                    Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, China

1985-1989                  Assistant professor

                                    Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, China

1981-1985                  B.S. Agronomy

                                  Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, China

Selected Publications:

1.        Taiyu Chen, Huan Wu, Jiemin Wu, Xiaolei Fan, Xianghua Li and Yongjun Lin*. Absence of OsbCA1 causes a CO2 deficit and affects leaf photosynthesis and the stomatal response to CO2 in rice. The Plant Journal, 2017, 90: 344–357.

2.        Ying Cui, Ziduo Liu, Yue Li, Fei Zhou, Hao Chen & Yongjun Lin*. Application of a novel phosphinothricin Nacetyltransferase (RePAT) gene in developing glufosinate-resistant rice. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6:21259.

3.        Rui Wang, Liaoxun Lu, Xuebiao Pan, Zongliang Hu, Fei Ling, Yan Yan, Yemao Liu, Yongjun Lin*. Functional analysis of OsPGIP1 in rice sheath blight resistance. Plant Molecular Biology, 2015, 87:181-191

4.        Congwu He, Lijun Wang, Jian Liu, Xin Liu, Xiuli Li, Jie Ma, Yongjun Lin* and Fangsen Xu. Evidence for ‘silicon’ within the cell walls of suspension-cultured rice cells. New Phytologist, 2013, doi: 10.1111/nph.12401

5.        Hao Chen, Jiang Shan, Zheng Jie, Yongjun Lin*. Improving panicle exsertion of rice cytoplasmic male sterile line by combination of artificial microRNA and artificial target mimic. Plant Biotechnol Journal, 2013, 11:336-343

6.        Zhou Yang, Hao Chen,Wei Tang, Hongxia Hua and Yongjun Lin*. Development and characterization of transgenic rice expressing two Bacillus thuringiensis genes. Pest Management Science, 2011, 67: 414–422

7.        Li Liu, Yong Zhou, Mark W. Szczerba, Xianghua Li, and Yongjun Lin*. Identification and Application of a Rice senescence-Associated Promoter. Plant Physiology, 2010, 153: 1239–1249

8.        Rongjian Ye, Haiqun Huang, Zhou Yang, Taiyu Chen, Li Liu, Xianghua Li. Hao Chen and Yongjun Lin*. Development of insect-resistant transgenic rice with Cry1C*-free endosperm. Pest Management Science, 2009, 65:1015-1020.

9.        Wei Tang, Hao Chen, Caiguo Xu, Xianghua Li, Yongjun Lin* and Qifa Zhang. Development of insect resistant transgenic indica rice with a synthetic cry1C* gene. Mol Breed, 2006, 18: 1-10

10.    Hao Chen, Wei Tang, Caiguo Xu, Xianghua Li, Yongjun Lin*, Qifa Zhang. Transgenic indica rice plants harboring a synthetic cry2A* gene of Bacillus thuringiensis exhibits enhanced resistance against rice lepidopteran pests. Theor Appl Genet, 2005, 111(7):1330-1337

Current Funding Description

1.        National Important Program on Science and Technology (2016ZX08001-001) 2016-2020. The production of insect-resistant transgenic rice. 116 M RMB. Principal Investigator.

2.        BBSRC (BB/L001683/1) 2013-2016. CUKPGP:New pest resistance in rice, by breeding and genetic modification (GM) for constitutive and inducible levels of defence homoterpenes. £199K. Co-Principal Investigator.

3.        National Important Program on Science and Technology (2011ZX08001-001) 2011-2015. The production of insect-resistant transgenic rice. 120 M RMB. Principal Investigator.

4.        National Important Program on Agriculture (200803003) 2008-2010. The comprehensive protecting technologies of rice blown planthopper. 16.46 M RMB. Principal Investigator.

5.        National Important Program on Science and Technology (2008ZX08001-001) 2008-2010. The production of insect-resistant transgenic rice. 90 M RMB. Principal Investigator.

6.        National Program on High Technology Development (863) 2007AA10Z1882007-2010. The cloning of tissue-specific expressing promoters, 3.5 M RMB, Principal Investigator.

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