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Ouyang YIDAN

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National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement C502

TEL: 86-27-87281677




Research Interest:

Genetic differentiation between the subspecies/species results in various forms of reproductive barriers. Such genetically based barriers lead to reproductive isolation, which prevent gene flow between populations. Reproductive isolation is both the indicator and a primary force of speciation, playing a key role in maintaining species identity. The major interest is reproductive isolation and population differentiation in rice, which is in close relationship with utilization of heterosis in hybrid rice. The research areas include functional genomics, evolution and population genetics.

Laboratory Introduction:

Rice Heterosis Lab


Sep 2003 - Dec 2008 Ph. D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Sep 1999 - Jun 2003 B. S. Biological Science, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Sep 1999 - Jun 2003 B. A. English, English Department, College of Foreign Language, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Positions Held:

Nov 2015 – present Professor, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Jan 2013 – Nov 2015 Associate Professor, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Mar 2012 - Mar 2013 Visiting Scholar, Department of Ecology and Evolution, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Mar 2011 - June 2014 Research Associate, National Key laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Mar 2009 - Dec 2012 Lecturer, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China.

Selected Publications:


1.        欧阳亦聃,程祝宽,张大兵*2019)中国学科发展战略:作物功能基因组学,第10章作物生殖发育功能基因组研究,科学出版社(北京)

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6.        Yao W*, Li G, Yu Y, Ouyang Y* (2018) funRiceGenes dataset for comprehensive understanding and application of rice functional genes. GigaScience 7(1): 1-9

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