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Wenli CHEN

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TEL: 027-87282730







Research Interest:

Soil and Environmental Microbiology



Ph.D. 1994 Huazhong Agricultural University, China

B.Sc. 1989 Huazhong Agricultural University, China


Professional Experiences:

2005.12-Present   Professor of Microbiology,chnology,   Huazhong Agricultural University, China

2002.03-2004.03  Visiting Scientist , National   Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Japan

1999.03-2000.09  Visiting Scientist, Yamaguchi   University, Japan

1997.05-1997.08  Visiting Scientist, Wagenigen   Agricultural University, the Netherlands

1996.12-2005.12   Associate Professor, Huazhong   Agricultural University, China

1994.06-1996.12   Lecturer, Huazhong Agricultural   University, China


Professional Affiliations:

Editor: Frontiers in Microbiology  


Research Grants:

1. Study on the screening and evolution of functional microbial community for removing nitrate pollution from water, 2019-2022, National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFE0105600). PI.

2. The composition, assembly, regulation and functionality of the RNA degradosome in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7120, 2016-2019, National Natural Science Foundation of China (31570048), PI.

3. Study on the transformation pattern of methyl-parathion-degrading plasmid DNA in natural soils, 2011-2013, National Natural Science Foundation of China (41071180), PI.

4. Relationship between the Heterocyst Development and Cell Division /DNA Replication in Anabaena sp.strain PCC7120. 2010-2010, National Natural Science Foundation of China (30970088), PI.

5. Characteristics of Cyanobacterial 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphate Phosphatases in Sulfur Assimilation and Their Salt-tolerance. 2007-2009,National Natural Science Foundation of China ( 30670046), PI.


Selected Publications:

1)        Cong Zhou, Juyuan Zhang, Xinyu Hu, Changchang Li, Li Wang, Qiaoyun Huang and Wenli Chen*. 2020 RNase II binds to RNase E and modulates its endoribonucleolytic activity in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7120. Nucleic Acids Research, /10.1093/nar/gkaa092

2)        Li Wang, Xiang Xiong, Xuesong Luo, Wenli Chen, Shilin Wen, Boren Wang, Chengrong Chen, Qiaoyun Huang* 2020 Aggregational differentiation of ureolytic microbes in an Ultisol under long-term organic and chemical fertilizations. Science of The Total Environment, 716: 137103.

3)        Xuesong Luo, Hang Qian, Li Wang, Shun Han, Shilin Wen, Boren Wang, Qiaoyun Huang*, Wenli Chen* 2019 Fertilizer types shaped the microbial guilds driving the dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia process in a Ferralic Cambisol. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 141: 107677

4)        Yujie Xiao, Huizhong Liu, Meina He, Liang Nie, Hailing Nie, Wenli Chen* and Qiaoyun Huang* 2019 A crosstalk between c-di-GMP and cAMP in regulating transcription of GcsA, a diguanylate cyclase involved in swimming motility in Pseudomonas putida. Environmental Microbiology, 22(1):142-157.

5)        Chenchen Qu, Wenli Chen*, Xiping Hu, Peng Cai, Chengrong Chen, Xiao-Ying Yu, Qiaoyun Huang* 2019 Heavy metal behaviour at mineral-organo interfaces: Mechanisms, modelling and influence factors. Environmental International, 131: 104995.

6)        Chenchen Qu, Shufang Qian, Liang Chen, Yong Guan, Lei Zheng, Shuhu Liu, Wenli Chen*, Peng Cai, and Qiaoyun Huang* 2019 Size-dependent bacterial toxicity of hematite particles. Environmental Science & Technology, 53(14): 8147-8156.

7)        Shaozu Xu, Yonghui Xing, Song Liu, Qiaoyun Huang* & Wenli Chen* 2019 Role of novel bacterial Raoultella sp. strain X13 in plant growth promotion and cadmium bioremediation in soil. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. DOI 10.1007/s00253-019-09700-7

8)        Shaozu Xu, Xuesong Luo, Yonghui Xing, Song Liu, Qiaoyun Huang, Wenli Chen* 2019 Complete genome sequence of Raoultella sp. strain X13, a promising cell factory for the synthesis of CdS quantum dots. 3 Biotech. 9:120

9)        Shun Han, Xiang Xiong, Xuesong Luoa, Luyang Zeng, Dan Wei, Wenli Chen, Qiaoyun Huang* 2018 Fertilization rather than aggregate size fractions shape the nitrite-oxidizing microbial community in a Mollisol. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 124:179-183. (DOI:10.1016/j.soilbio.2018.06.015).

10)    Shun Han, Luyang Zeng, Xuesong Luo, Xiang Xiong, Shilin Wen, Boren Wang, Wenli Chen*, Qiaoyun Huang* 2018 Shifts in Nitrobacter- and Nitrospira-like nitrite-oxidizing bacterial communities under long-term fertilization practices. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 124:118-125

11)    Li Wang, Xuesong Luo, Hao Liao, Wenli Chen*, Dan Wei, Peng Cai, Qiaoyun Huang* 2018 Ureolytic microbial community is modulated by fertilization regimes and particle-size fractions in a Black soil of Northeastern China. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 116:171-178

12)    Yujie Xiao, Wenjing Zhu, Huizhong Liu, Hailing Nie, Wenli Chen*, Qiaoyun Huang*  2018 FinR Regulates Expression of nicC and nicX Operons, Involved in Nicotinic Acid Degradation in Pseudomonas putida KT2440. Appl Environ Microbiol. 84(20):e01210-18

13)    Shun Han, Xiang Li, Xuesong Luo, Shilin Wen, Wenli Chen* and Qiaoyun Huang* 2018 Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria Community Composition and Diversity Are Influenced by Fertilizer Regimes, but Are Independent of the Soil Aggregate in Acidic Subtropical Red Soil. Front. Microbiol.,

14)    Hao Liao, Yuchen Zhang, Qinyan Zuo, Binbin Du, Wenli Chen*, Dan Wei, Qiaoyun Huang*. 2018 Contrasting responses of bacterial and fungal communities to aggregate-size fractions and long-term fertilizations in soils of northeastern China. Sci Total Environ 635:784-792.

15)    Shun Han, Xuesong Luo, Hao Liao, Hailing Nie, Wenli Chen*, Qiaoyun Huang*. 2017 Nitrospira are more sensitive than Nitrobacter to land management in acid, fertilized soils of a rapeseed-rice rotation field trial. Sci Total Environ 599-600:135-144.

16)    Qi Li, Huihui Du, Wenli Chen*, Jialong Hao, Qiaoyun Huang*, Peng Cai, Xionghan Feng 2017 Aging Shapes the Distribution of Copper in Soil Aggregate Size Fractions. Environmental Pollution. 233: 569-576 (DOI:10.1016/j.envpol.2017.10.091).

17)    Xuesong Luo, Xiaoqian Fu, Yun Yang, Peng Cai, Shaobing Peng, Wenli Chen* & Qiaoyun Huang 2016 Microbial communities play important roles in modulating paddy soil fertility. Sci. Rep. 6, 20326; doi: 10.1038/srep20326.

18)    Caijuan Peng, Songsong Lai, Xuesong Luo, Jianwei Lu, Qiaoyun Huang, Wenli Chen* 2016 Effects of Long term rice straw application on the microbial communities of rapeseed rhizosphere in a paddy-upland rotation system. Science of the Total Environment, 557-558:231-239. (DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.02.184).

19)    Du, Huihui; Wenli Chen*, Peng Cai, Xingmin Rong, Ke Dai, Caroline L. Peacock, Qiaoyun Huang* 2016 Cd(II) Sorption on Montmorillonite-Humic acid-Bacteria Composites. Scientific Reports, 6:19499. (DOI: 10.1038/srep19499)

20)    Ning Wang, Huihui Du, Qiaoyun Huang*, Peng Cai, Xingmin Rong, Xionghan Feng and Wenli Chen* 2016 Surface complexation modeling of Cd(II) sorption to montmorillonite, bacteria, and their composite. Biogeosciences, 13:5557–5566. (doi:10.5194/bg-13-1-2016)

21)    Huihui Du, Wenli Chen, Pen Cai, Xingmin Rong, Chenrong Chen & Qiaoyun Huang 2016 Cadmium adsorption on bacteria–mineral mixtures: Effect of naturally occurring ligands. European Journal of Soil Science, 67: 641–649 (doi: 10.1111/ejss.12373).

22)    Lu Xia, Xingjian Xu, Wei Zhu, Qiaoyun Huang* and Wenli Chen 2015 A Comparative Study on the Biosorption of Cd2+ onto Paecilomyces lilacinus XLA and Mucoromycote sp. XLC. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 16: 15670-15687 (doi:10.3390/ijms160715670).

23)    Zhineng Hong, Wenli Chen*, Xingmin Rong, Peng Cai, Wenfeng Tan, Qiaoyun Huang* 2015 Effects of humic acid on adhesion of Bacillus subtilis to phyllosilicates and goethite. Chemical Geology 416:19-27.

24)    Huayong Wu,Wenli Chen, Xingmin Rong,Peng Cai,Ke Dai,Qiaoyun Huang. 2014 Adhesion of Pseudomonas putida onto kaolinite at different growth phases. Chemical Geology. 390:1-8

25)    Ming Li, Xue Tian, Rong-Zi Liu, Wen-Li Chen, Peng Cai, Xing-Min Rong, Ke Dai, and Qiao-Yun Huang. 2014 Combined Application of Rice Straw and Fungus Penicillium Chrysogenum to Remediate Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Soil. Soil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal. 23(3): 328-338

26)    Huayong Wu, Wenli Chen, Xingmin Rong, Peng Cai, Ke Dai & Qiaoyun Huang*. 2014 Soil colloids and minerals modulate metabolic activity of Pseudomonas putida measured using microcalorimetry. Geomicrobiology Journal, 31: 590–596

27)    Zhineng Hong, Gang Zhao, Wenli Chen, Xingmin Rong, Peng Cai, Ke Dai, Qiaoyun Huang. 2014 Effects of Solution Chemistry on Bacterial Adhesion with Phyllosilicates and Goethite Explained by the Extended DLVO Theory. Geomicrobiology Journal 31: 419-430.

28)    Huayong Wu, Wenli Chen, Xingmin Rong, Peng Cai, Ke Dai, Qiaoyun Huang. 2014  In situ ATR-FTIR study on the adhesion of Pseudomonas putida to Red soil colloids. J Soils Sediments 14: 504-514.

29)    Zhineng Hong, Wenli Chen, Xingmin Rong, Peng Cai, Ke Dai, Qiaoyun Huang. 2013 The effect of extracellular polymeric substances on the adhesion of bacteria to clay minerals and goethite. Chemical Geology 360–361:118–125.

30)    Xu Xingjian, Xia Lu, Huang Qiaoyun, Gu Ji-Dong, Chen Wenli 2012 Biosorption of cadmium by a metal-resistant filamentous fungus isolated from chicken manure compost. Environmental Technology, 33: 1661-1670.

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