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Big Data in Plant Genomics - Why we need a biodiverse sequencing now?

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Title:Big Data in Plant Genomics - Why we need a biodiverse sequencing now?

Reporter:Cheng Shifeng

Time:14:00,April 2nd,2018

Place:A202,College of Life Science and Technology


Genome is the basic source code of life, connecting nearly all species in this planet during the past billions of years’ evolution that produced magnificent biodiversity and remarkable innovations. To study the crucial role of plants in ecosystems, food & medicine, big data in genomics is shaping the entire discipline through phylodiverse sampling and sequencing, where comparative and phylogenomics study plays a powerful role to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying those miraculous emergences and diversification of various metabolic pathways. In this talk, I will start with the question on how big data in plant genomics could help us to understand Big Evolution, to explore the major evolutionary forces that drive (plant) genome evolution and adaptation, in which (gene or genome) duplications and (endosymbiosis or host-microbe) symbioses are pronounced and highlighted here. Then, I will focus on why big data in genomics holds a great promise in Agriculture, a case study in the genetic innovation and diversification of the Nitrogen-Fixing Symbiosis, and the world-wide efforts to transfer this capability to non-legume crops. Finally, I will talk about genomics in Medicinal Plants and why drugs from plants matter to the future of humanity, and how big data in genomics would transform the field of TCM for Human Health. All of these studies are extending and revolutionizing our knowledge of plants through a broad non-model species sampling and big data genomics analyses, just like the pilot 1KP and 10KP projects that have provided a broad-spectrum insights into the plants in science and application.


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