College Introduction

Huazhong Agricultural university (hereinafter referred to as HZAU) is a national key university which is directly afflicted with Ministry of Education's 211 project construction. Founded on 10th October, 1994, College of Life Science and Technology was approved by Ministry of Agriculture and consisted of original biotechnology center, microbiology major of the department of soil agriculture chemistry, the electronic microscopy room of original central laboratory and the analysis test group.

There are 3 majors such as biotechnology, life science and bioengineering, 7 teaching and research sections such as biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and cell biology,fermentation engineering, microbial engineering and botany, and 2 laboratory centers such as biology and bioengineering. The first dean is professor Zhang Qifa, member of Chinese Academy of Science and the current president is professor Wang Xuelu. The college secretary of the Communist Party Committee is He Xishun.

Over the last two decades, taking the aim of constructing the first-class disciplines and cultivating the first-rate talents, the college carried forward the striving spirit of being factual and excellent, and paid attention to features, qualities, talents, output and systems of the college construction. The college took aim at worldwide scope and insisted in connotative development rode, striving to construct a high-level research college with distinctive features.

The college has two first-grade disciplines, one is biology and the other is bioengineering. In addition, the bioengineering ranks the 8th throughout the nation and is one of key disciplines in Hubei province. Two level-two disciplines of microbiology and biochemistry and molecular biology are national key disciplines. The biochemistry and molecular biology is preponderant discipline while the microbiology is the feature discipline in Hubei province.

The college has 132 teaching and administrative staffs, among whom 100 are full-time teachers consisting of 55 professors, 35 associate professors and 10 lecturers. The college has abundant qualified teachers. Currently, the college boosts 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 professors of Thousand Talents Program, 8 professors of Yangtse River Scholars, 2 gainers of outstanding Youth Science Fund, 5 professors of Youth Thousand Talents Program and 2 young talents. There are 1 creative research group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 7 innovation teams of China’s Ministry of Agriculture, 1 innovation team of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, 4 innovative Research Groups of Hubei province.

The college also builds a system of cultivating talents from bachelor to master to doctor and to post-doctorate. There are post-doctorate scientific research stations of biology, the first level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree of biology,the first level disciplines authorized to offer master degree of light industry technology engineering, 3 undergraduate majors (life science and bioengineering, biotechnology and bioengineering), 2 national talents cultivation bases (national biology science base and national life science and technology talents cultivation base), 1 national laboratory center (biology) and 1 national biology base camp (ShenNongjia field practice base). There are 1351 undergraduates students, 980 graduates students, 36 overseas students and 63 post-doctor researchers.

The complete scientific research support platform is the main support organization of 2 national key laboratories (National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement and National Key Laboratory of Agro-microbiology), 12 state-level and provincial-level research centers (including national engineering research center for microbial pesticides, the national plant genome research center (Wuhan) and so on). The college also constructs national agricultural science base of life science and technology and provincial agricultural science base of life science and technology.

The college has strong scientific research and pays attention to original innovation. During the 12th five-year plan, the college has gained more than 15 provincial scientific rewards including 2 national scientific research prizes, 4 items of the Ministry of Education Award for outstanding achievements in scientific research in colleges and universities and 9 provincial scientific research prizes. The college undertook national major scientific and technological projects such as 863, 973, national natural science foundation of China, 510 horizontal research projects, newly-added 668 million funds which 507 million has been received. 678-SCI papers are published, and the highest impact factor reaches 39.08 and 48 papers’ impact factors is higher than 9.0 and the average impact factor is 4.035. The college has 121 licensed patents. The level and quality of publishing academic papers are improved year after year. 1 paper is published in Science, 13 papers are published in sister journals of Emerging Microbes & Infections and 2 papers are published in Cell series journals.

The college has established a stable long-term relationship in cooperation research, talents communication and talents cultivation with universities and institutions in America, Canada, French, Britain, German, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Korea and Japan. However, the college also established the talents joint cultivation and scientific cooperation relationship with 100 domestic famous universities and scientific colleges such as Chinese Academy of Sciences,China Academy of Agriculture Sciences, Tsinghua University and Peking University. The college selects a batch of outstanding undergraduates to University of Birmingham in UK, University of Florida, USA, and Dong-A university in Korea for joint cultivation. (The statistics is by May, 2017.)

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