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  北京时间,20225214:00-18:00538:00-12:00,“植物干细胞与再生”国际研讨会将在线举行,欢迎参加,请提前注册以获取参会信息。详细信息请查看,或微信公众号:Plant Stem Cell,或致电邮

The 2022 International Online Symposium on Plant Stem Cells and Regeneration

Plants have the properties to form organs throughout their life cycles. This ability is mainly attributed to an active pool of stem cells residing in the meristems. The maintenance of the stem cells within their niches is highly controlled and involves regulatory networks that play a critical role in mediating the balance between cell division and differentiation.

To understand mechanisms of stem cells in the context of growth, regeneration and stress we are pleased to announce two scientific events to gain insights on the ongoing research in the plant stem cells field and establish interaction with world class scientist in the field.The first one is the International Symposium on Plant Stem Cells and Regeneration. The second one is webinar.

We sincerely look forward to your further focus on the symposiums and webinars with topic on plant stem cell research.

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