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Dr. Xiyin Wang talked on polyploidizations in plant genomes

(by Danyang Wang)Dr. Xiyin Wang, Director of Genomics and Computational Biology Research Center, Dean of College of Life Sciences, North China University of Science and Technology, was invited to give a talk in the First Comprehensive Building A202 at 7:00-8:30 pm, October 26th 2017. The talk was entitled “A Gold Standard to Deconvolute Complicated Structures of Plant Genomes with Recursive Polyploidizations”. Professor Zhen-Xia Chen from the College of Life Science and Technology of HZAU hosted the activity.

In the talk, Dr. Wang introduced his recent research on whole genome duplication in plants. By analyzing the synteny and collinearity in plant genomes, his team found a neglected polyploidy event in Cucurbitaceae, providing a gold standard for studying the complicated structures in plants genomes. Their findings were published in Molecular Biology and Evolution on September 28th. The Oxford University Press held a press briefing for the work. Famous domestic and foreign media, such as China Science Daily and The New York Times, interviewed him.

Dr. Wang also gave students some tips on doing research and writing articles: work quickly, make a preliminary conclusion as soon as possible, and then perfect it. The students said that Wang's experience stimulated them and benefited them greatly.

Dr. Wang was graduated from the College of Life Sciences, Peking University with a Ph.D. degree in 2005. He has been engaged in the study of bioinformatics and genomics. He serves as the group leader and chief scientist in many international projects on plant genomics, and has done a number of outstanding original work, especially in theory of chromosome reduction in eukaryotes and plant comparative genomics. Up to now, he has published more than 20 papers in Science, Nature, Nature genetics and other academic journals. Two of them are among the top 0.1% ESI highly cited paper, 9 are the top 1%.

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