South Lake Innovation Forum for International Young Talents

 South Lake Innovation Forum for International Young Talents

  Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

  May 17-19, 2017


  1. Introduction

  The South Lake Innovation Forum for International Young Talents (South Lake Forum) aims to gather outstanding young talented scientists and technologists from all over the world to carry out international academic exchanges in Huazhong Agricultural University, to explore research academic frontier, and deepen friendship and promote international cooperation.

  For more details and signing up for the upcoming event, you can find it on the forum website:

    2. Disciplines

  The forum covers a wide range of disciplines, such as:

      I. Life sciences: include Biology, Biomedical science, Crop science, Nanotechnology science, Plant pathology,  

            Animal science, Veterinary science, Horticulture science and Fishery sciences;

     II. Environmental sciences;

    III. Chemistry;

    IV. Food nutrition and health;

      V. Informatics;

    VI. Engineering and Materials science;

    VII. Academic  Landscape  Architecture

    VIII. Humanities and Social sciences: include Management, Economics and Law.

  3. Requirements for participants to apply

  Hold a doctoral degree from a world well-known university, and have shown innovation and potential in his/her research area.

  4. Schedule

  March 15: Online Application Deadline and upload your updated personal C.V. website:

  March 25: Short-listed participants selected and issue of invitation letter

  May 17: Registration on Forum Site

  May 18-19: Opening Ceremony, Forum Reports, Discussion sections and sightseeing visits etc.

  5. Travel and Accommodation

  All the attendees will be supported with traveling expenseseconomy class and accommodation.

  6. Contact Information

  Contact: Mr. Zhao Xiqing

  Phone: +86278728-0957



  If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All Young Talented Scientist around the world are welcome to sign up and apply  

    for this forum, the contact information is available during the winter holiday.

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