Professor Wang Ertao guested on the Frontier Forum on Microbiology

(by Yan Zhongyuan) At 3 pm on November 9th, the researcher Wang Ertao from the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology in Shanghai, the Chinese Academy of Science, attended the BBS of frontiers in Microbiology, bringing the academic report on the theme of "the molecular mechanism of plant-microbial symbiosis".

Wang Ertao firstly gave us an introduction that the current research direction of his lab was mainly focused on the signal transduction of plant-microbial symbiosis, then a brief introduction to the academic definition of mycorrhizal fungi symbiosis and its biological significance in the phosphorus acquisition to the host plant. Then he used three stages of phenotypic characteristic including symbiotic signal establishment, symbiotic signal identification and mycorrhizal formation as the entry point, illustrating a series of key cellular signal components involved in mycorrhizal symbiosis specifically and their molecular mechanism. Finally, Wang Ertao emphatically introduced the latest research published in the top level of international journal "Science". Taking measures of isotope tracing metabolic flux technique, the research skillfully disclosed that the main form of carbon source obtained by mycorrhizal fungi is not "sugar" as traditional theory considered, but "fatty acid", a more efficient form of carbon source.

After the academic discussion, Wang Ertao made a brief communication between teachers and students. Wang Ertao declared that only in the way that students strengthen their efforts on research training in the early stage, can the assistance from the tutor in the late stage get twice the result with half the effort.


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