Gather at Shishan Mountain; Talk about Green Super Rice

 Academician Zhang Qifa, Rod Wing and Mark Tester Obverse Ratoon Rice

Professor Peng Shaobing Introduces Ratoon Rice Technology to Academician Rod Wing and Mark Tester

Academician Zhang Qifa Received Media Interview at San Hu Farm in Jing Zhou City

Representatives are at the Ratoon Rice Field at San Hu Farm

A Fine Field of about 600 Hectares in San Hu Farm in Jiang Ling County of Jing Zhou City

President and Academician Deng Xiuxing, Academician Zhang Qifa, Hanbin and Xie Hua’an Attended the Meeting

Academician Zhang Qifa and Xie Hua’an See Conference Post  

   From 23rd to 25th, October, the achievement exhibition of Decennial Development of Green Super Rice of the crucial program namely Green Super Rice’s new breeding in modern agricultural technology of 863 project was held in HZAU. More than 150 principals, core instructors, invited experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and project expert group attended this meeting.

   In 24th, October, delegates headed for ratoon rice field in San Hu farm in Jiang Ling county for a field investigation. On the afternoon of 25th, October, the meeting of Decennial Development of Green Super Rice was convened in HZAU. Wei Qinfang, section chief of rural areas department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Sun Junli, vice-section chief of scientific education department of the Ministry of Education, and president Deng Xiuxing delivered the welcoming speech.   Professor Yu Sibin, the project executive expert presided over the academic report process. The academic report of Theory, development and results of green super rice was delivered by academician Zhang Qifa. The report namely International cooperation project progress was made by research Li Zhikang. The report of cultivation and application of water-saving rices was made by researcher Luo Lijun. Professor Peng Shaobing made an academic speech of research and outlook of harvesting with machine of ratoon rice. The academic report namely green trend of Chinese rice development was made by research Fang Fuping. More than 10 foreign experts including professor Rod Wing from American Arizona university were fully involved in field demonstration and report meeting. Professor Rod Wing from American Arizona university highly praised the achievements and functions of green super rice in reality and insisted that developing the green crop should be the necessary trend of solving global food and environment issues.

   This year of 2017 is the decennial elapse of publishing the paper namely Strategies of Cultivating Green Super Rice. This meeting aims to summarize serial system research and vital breakthrough results made by domestic and foreign scientists on green super rice with the purpose of implementing series vital policy deployment of green development required by the Central Committee of the C.P.C, actively putting crop healthy development to speed up the implementation and application which are suitable for green super rice for a more bigger contribution of the sustainable development of our agriculture.

    [Background] The green super rice is a new concept of rice breeding and concept which is put forward originally by our scientists for the tense condition of food security and resource environment. The concept has a requirement for the species with pest-resistance, water-savig and drought-resistance, stress resistance, high nutrition, high yield and optimal quality. Meanwhile, the production mode of high yield, high productive, environmental security is also valued. The green super rice is devoted to realizing the goal of less pesticide, less fertilizer, water-saving and drought-resistance, optimal quality and high yield of the crops and the goal has also became the direction of green crop development.

   In 2001, the special project of Joining in Global Rice Molecular Breeding Research Plan was launched and the green super rice mindset had been initially formed. In 2005, the concept of green super rice and the aim of less pesticide, less fertilizer, water-saving and drought-resistance, optimal quality and high yield was put forward. In 2007, the paper of strategies of green super rice cultivation was issued in American Scientific Academic College. In 2009, the international project of cultivating green super rice for poverty-stricken areas in African and Asian was launched. In 2010, the national 863 project of green super rice program was initiated. In 2014, the national 863 project of green super rice program gained sustainable fund.


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