HZAU Representatives Boost Bilateral Cooperation with UNL

At the invitation of UNL, led by Professor Wu Ping, the Party committee member and vice president, HZAU representatives visited UNL and attended the bilateral cooperation negotiation and the 2nd bilateral academic conference held with UNL in Lincoln, Nebraska on 7th to 8th, September. Professor Wang Xuelu, dean of College of Life Science and Technology, Jing Anjiang, vice dean of CLST, Professor Wang Xuemin, expert of Thousand Talents Program, and Professor Luo Jie, National Outstanding Youth all attended the meeting. 

Professor Wu Ping introduced HZAU and bilateral cooperation history between two universities

Professor Wu Ping and other members met Michael J. Boehm, vice president of UNL, visited the plant science innovation center, library, students center, etc.Meanwhile, they took classes in a biological chemistry course delivered by Professor Ed Harris to freshmen. Professor Wang Xuelu and Jin Anjiang had an informal discussion with undergraduates and postgraduates and introduced talents cultivation and scientific research of college of life science and technology in HZAU.

Profesor Wang Xuelu lectured on "Hormonal signaling network, soybean biology and toor nodule symbiosis"

The 2nd HZAU-UNL joint academic meeting

As the crucial part of the bilateral operation, the 2nd HZAU-UNL joint academic meeting was held. This meeting was titled Agricultural Innovation for Enhanced Crop Production and about 11 professors gave a speech. Dr. Archie Clutter, the dean of College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, and Wu Ping, the vice-president of HZAU respectively addressed in the meeting.

Bilateral cooperation negotiation

A symposium was also held to boost bilateral cooperation and discuss items about the annual bilateral academic meeting and cooperation research on the topics of creating cooperation research center, exchanging of students and opening of all English courses. 

The delegation also visited University of California, San Diego and the Salk research institute and communicated with professor Zhao Yunde, expert of Thousand Talents Program and some visiting teachers and alumnus.


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