Professor Chen Shi Discussed Diligence, Aim and Growth

"I am proud of HZAU gene in my body which brings me the HZAU spirit of being rigorous, fortitude, brave to overcome troubles." At 300 pm, September2, professor Chen Shi, outstanding alumni representative, expert of National Youth Thousand Talents Program and PhD Supervisor attended the 9th report of Professor Lecture with the title of diligence, aim and growth to encourage students to  seize today, set a clear aim and be down to earth of the life road.

" IQ is an important factor but diligence is the real wealth." When first came to HZAU, Chen Shi also felt puzzled but he also insisted that only diligence can harvest sweet fruit. When most people are asleep in the early morning, Chen shi remembered English vocabularies around South lake. Day by day, he passed the CET-4 when he was a freshman and passed the CET-6 as a sophomore. No matter he pursued his study in HZAU for bachelor and master's degree or doctor's degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University or the post-doctoral degree in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, USA, he still insisted being intelligent, steering a steady course and finally, he got a good result. "One of my students graduated recently, he is acknowledged by a foreign professor due to his diligence and gets the opportunity to go on the further study in USA." In Chen Shi's viewpoint, this student may be not the most clever one. But no one can compete with his diligence and hardworking. That is the reason why he can stand out from the crowd.

" There is a long way before us. I hope all of you can set an aim early and make a clear planning." Two questions that Chen Shi often asked his students are what are your goals in recent five years? What kind of person do you want to be when you are at the age of 50? The purpose of asking these question is to let you have clear short and long aims and have a planning for your life. He hoped that students in college of life science and technology fight for qualifications of recommendations and grasp the opportunity for post graduate study or study abroad in order to make a contribution for HZAU and scientific research course. All of these require you to make an early preparation. 

"No matter you purse a master or doctor degree, you will start from zero in any new stages and accumulate little by little." Since the major direction is too large for some students to select, Chen Shi said that it is unnecessary to confine yourself in a specific major. No matter which director you will choose, you should exercise your ability and let yourself keep growing. People grow in anytime. Only can lay a solid foundation, you will be strong to make your dream become true.

At last, Chen Shi leaved a message that doing scientific research is definitely a free thing. No matter which major you are interest in, you can be brave to try, even leave the lab to do business. You will harvest. If you want success, you should make a clear target with diligent attitude to the aim and be down to earth attitude on the road. Future is yours! 

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