The development of discipline in BIOLOGY at Huazhong Agricultural University is the historic miniature of using modern biotechnology to reshape traditional agriculture in China. The major of microbiology was established by academician Chen Huakui in the 1940s. In 1987 Biotechnology Center was established to carry out comprehensive research on genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology of plants, animals and microorganisms. In 1993,it was authorized to launch Ph.D and master programs in Molecular Biology, which was the only Ph.D program in Molecular Biology among the agricultural and forestry universities in China. In 1998 it was authorized to launch Ph.D program in Biology as the first group in China. Microbiology and biochemistry & molecular biology were approved as national key disciplines continuously. In 1996, the College was authorized to grant Bachelor's Degree of Fermentation Engineering. In 2003, the major of Fermentation engineering was rated as a key discipline in Hubei province.  In 2011, the College obtained the authority to grant First class master's degree in light industry technology and engineering.

The College has supported six fields including Botany & Zoology, Biology & Biochemistry, Molecular biology & Genetics, Agronomy, Chemistry and Microbiology in our University which were ranked top 1% in the world ESI. Four specialists were elected most highly cited scholars in China from 2014 to 2016 and Zhang Qifa was the No. 1 most highly cited scientist in Agronomy and Biological Sciences for three consecutive years. In the first three rounds of China Discipline Ranking(CDR), Biology Subject has been in the forefront.

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